Maggie Banks

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My work in contemporary landscape is a free response to the outdoor natural world. I have spent many years working in the Herefordshire and Hampshire countryside, and in the rugged terrain of the Brecon Beacons.

I have a fascination with the effects of light on water, juxtaposed with surrounding trees and foliage. I would describe myself as a contemporary plein air painter (see the picture of me below!)

Maggie Banks - plein air painter

Maggie Banks – plein air painter

As artist in residence over a 12 year period,  i have spent a lot of time painting on site on the cliffs of Cape Cornwall overlooking the sea.

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Personal Statement – Maggie Banks

After many years of painting landscape in Hereford and Cornwall, Maggie has returned to her roots. Studying for a decade in Monte Carlo under the tutorage of John Pelling, Life drawing and Still Life was a discipline, training your eye to analyse the subject and space it occupies is an essential part of working from life.

Training for 5 years at University studying Contemporary and Abstract art, further adds to the looseness of the brushstroke.

The heightened colours of the Mediterranean feed into the work, and like her landscapes the still lives are an immediate reaction to the subject, and there are strong abstract qualities within the negative space.